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August 2019 Updates

Just realized that this blog passed its 10th year of life this year. Wow. That’s older than some of the playing card brands that have taken a hold of the cardistry world. I’m also suprised I still have access to the admin dashboard of this site, gonna do some cleanup today.

In real life, I have moved to Pasadena, California and am now a Systems Reliability Engineer with NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. Safe to say, this place is dream job material. Might post some JPL lab photos every now and then.

We’ll try to get some more playing card photos onto this blog. A lot of people out there use instagram now, but as far as I care, instagram isn’t that good for having people find photos of their favorite cards, unless you’re already an instagram user.

Today, I am waiting patiently for my fontaine futures order to arrive. I was lucky enough to be on fairly good internet at work, and got a decent order in.