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BCA Halo 2019

Today’s photoshoot is BCA’s Halo Deck. Jump past the break for more photos!

BCA Halo December 2019

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2019 Black Friday Nugget – Owner’s Reserve PRC

Another week, another photoshoot. This week we have EPCC’s “Owner’s Reserve” Black with Gold Jerry’s Nugget 2019, printed in PRC/China in a limited run of 500. About 100 were released on Thanksgiving. and then around 25 or so showed up on Black Friday, maybe more. The numbered seals I’ve seen range from #s 110 through 250 so far. I’ve opened #121 out of 500 here because I can afford to. Because I bought 3. Don’t hate the player hate the game. Then hate the player. More photos after the break!

Jerry’s Nugget 2019 Owner’s Reserve

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