Houndstooth Trio 2020

Its been a few weeks, but we’re still alive. 2020 is rolling along fast, the Corona virus is within a 50 mile radius of where I live, so the rest of California is losing their minds. We’ll keep this one short.

Decks on a table

The black deck comes with a red seal, the red deck comes with a black seal, the split deck comes with a gold seal.

These were released in Jan 2020 in a run of 1000 each. A1 prbly released a lower amount than that, keeping some in reserve for ‘stock return’ sales later in the year. The split sold out in under 5 minutes, red in under 10, and the black shortly after that. Surprisingly, in my resell world, the blacks have been bought up first, followed by split, and then red. Self-plug, ramblingcards.com hit its 20th order this weekend after a month. Thanks for the support!

The fronts of the boxes is the same as the back.

The only customization on the cards are a logo aces of spades and houndstooth patterns on the court cards. Subtle, but better than just recoloring.

Courts wear houndstooth.
Jack of spades

Some of the decks have a bit of a back side bordered alignment, but that’s pretty standard for USPC decks. Quality control seems to be getting the short end of the stick with the number of decks being released each month.

A double spread of red houndstooth
Side by side with a Gold Standard bicycle. About 1 card less thick than a deck of bicycles.

A1WW is releasing their black 2020 dots this week. Orbit is also releasing remaining paralell V7 stock. I”ll probably go for a couple of each.



One thought on “Houndstooth Trio 2020”

  1. Hope you are doing well under this crazy time…
    Really like your posts, nice to see so much rare decks haha.

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