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The Old Las Vegas Club

back to Monday. last week of tutoring this summer for me. uhm,,I’m doing the tutoring. yea. my student is basically winning. when it comes to winning at tests and quizzes. anyways. this Vegas club deck. I got it off eBay as usual. was wondering if its worth anything in terms of usage. buh.

The 'older' Las Vegas Club Deck
The 'older' Las Vegas Club Deck

I wonder if anyone doesn’t realize I’m using page breaks now.

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Bootleg Hell.

It’s Wednesday ~ waves arms around in the air for no reason. Sitting around playing Blazblue. Sitting around playing Touhou music on piano. Sitting around hunting items on eBay. I picked up a deck of OLD las vegas club. yay. but thats not the deck for today’s post. : / Its this deck. I found underneath the seat in my car. Haha.

edit : Yay. Today I learned how to use the page break ‘more’ tab. So now you have to click in to read the rest of the post. Hahaha.

Name: BCG Playing Cards
Date: 7.15.2009

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