BCA Halo 2019

Today’s photoshoot is BCA’s Halo Deck. Jump past the break for more photos!

BCA Halo December 2019

Here’s the deck box views:

This deck is aptly named the Uno deck. Why? Maybe because it looks like UNO game cards:

Uno: Inspiration for BCA Halo?

The cards come in Black/White with Red/Blue. BCA crown logo in red and blue are found on each card back. Minimal customizations are done on the face cards.

Bonus Card, Joker, and AoS
Bonus Card, Card back, and extra Bonus Card

Some people like black bordered cards, some don’t. I think they’re okay. I might take a black sharpie to the card edges later though. That’s the only drawback with full black decks, the black doesn’t carry to the edges.

Table Spread
Double spread. Color contrast.

It looks like BCA is gonna be putting out a deck every 3 months at this pace. This one is taking a lot longer to sell out than the past 2. Maybe holiday buyer’s fatigue. Maybe not a lot of fans. Self-plug: find these for under retail in my storefront @ ramblingcards.com!

Faces color scheme
The 3rd in a 3 part BCA deck family.

Stay tuned for more deck photoshoots and thanks for dropping by.



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