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Houndstooth Trio 2020

Its been a few weeks, but we’re still alive. 2020 is rolling along fast, the Corona virus is within a 50 mile radius of where I live, so the rest of California is losing their minds. We’ll keep this one short.

Decks on a table

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Delirium Prism by Thirdway Industries

The catalog-ing of some of my favorite decks continues with some spare holiday time. Two weeks off from work is nice. We have here today Delirium Prism by Thirdway Industries, the United Cardist deck of 2015? Someday I’ll get through all of them. I’m also working on transferring my ebay shop to a shopify site because less fees, none of that 10% seller fee nonsense(but you didn’t hear that from me). More photos after the break.

Delirium Prism by Thirdway Industries

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