Delirium Prism by Thirdway Industries

The catalog-ing of some of my favorite decks continues with some spare holiday time. Two weeks off from work is nice. We have here today Delirium Prism by Thirdway Industries, the United Cardist deck of 2015? Someday I’ll get through all of them. I’m also working on transferring my ebay shop to a shopify site because less fees, none of that 10% seller fee nonsense(but you didn’t hear that from me). More photos after the break.

Delirium Prism by Thirdway Industries

The deck itself comes in a holographic foil box. If you love that holographic Anyone DnD (I don’t have this and I probably won’t, I heard the cards inside are the normal DnD Mirror Anyone deck) box, you’ll love this one.

Ace of Spades and Joker

There’s a backstory about this Delirium deck, you can go look it up on Thirdway Industries through google. The Ace of Spades says unitedcardists and 2015 in roman numerals. Its also doing that ‘hands up don’t shoot’ thing. The back design is all right, I would’ve preferred it to be bordered, but this is cool too. Check out this fan I made.

Double Fan

And here are the custom court cards. Pretty

rare to see custom courts to this level these days. Especially from card brands that are spitting out one deck a month on average.

Hearts and Clubs
Diamonds and Spades

Was Thirdway Industries the one making the Idols campaign….I don’t remember off the top of my head, let me check…ah yes, the Modern Idols, campaign is over, ships in Spring 2020. Looking forward to that one, I pledged in at the Monsterbox level. TAKE MY MONEY.

Until next time,



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