2019 Black Friday Nugget – Owner’s Reserve PRC

Another week, another photoshoot. This week we have EPCC’s “Owner’s Reserve” Black with Gold Jerry’s Nugget 2019, printed in PRC/China in a limited run of 500. About 100 were released on Thanksgiving. and then around 25 or so showed up on Black Friday, maybe more. The numbered seals I’ve seen range from #s 110 through 250 so far. I’ve opened #121 out of 500 here because I can afford to. Because I bought 3. Don’t hate the player hate the game. Then hate the player. More photos after the break!

Jerry’s Nugget 2019 Owner’s Reserve

Here’s the deck box gallery:

So…the price tag was 95$. That’s probably a big deterrent to some people. Also the fact that they released these before fulfilling all their kickstarter orders. I still haven’t received mine, granted I placed my pledge like the last 24 hours. Whatever.

We take an x-acto knife and cut across the plastic.

Carefully trying to open this took a couple minutes.

We go underneath the stamp instead of cutting across it.

Straight out of the box, the cards are a bit clumpy. Also printed in P.R.C (people’s republic of china), the stock is different from anything else EPCC usually puts out. I wouldn’t say its awesome…maybe …unique? Trying to replicate old casino finish. I think the finish on the cards is decent, but the stock won’t be the same. Maybe with age, who knows.

Fanning straight out of the box. I hope you weren’t planning on doing cardistry with these.

The back of each card is gold foil Jerry’s Nugget logo. Gold foil, so hot right now.

Back One
Back Two
Top of the Deck with AoS

Have some more photos:

The jokers, the Jerry’s Nugget Logo comes in gold, but non-reflective. You get two.
Camera Focus on top half
Camera Focus on the bottom half

So, I’m writing this a few days after opening, and the fanning is a bit better now, so that’s cool. It’ll definitely be sitting out in the open. Not a deck to be kept locked up in my opinion. There used to be a time where people opened their decks instead of boxing them up on shelves or locked away in shoeboxes.

Here’s the Ace of Spades and Joker if you ever need a reference
Keeping the box and red seal in tact.

What crazy expensive decks would you like to see me crack open next? Leave a comment and thanks for dropping by.



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