Theory 11 Gold Artisans

and we’re back after a couple weeks off because work has been pretty draining on my free time

Hope everyone’s black friday shopping was full of great deals and savings and not price gouging because companies are out for your hard earned dollars. We have here today Theory11’s Gold Artisans, supposedly a black friday special where you’d get one for spending 150$ online. Well, we don’t have 150$ worth of stuff we need from Theory 11, so we went to the local Target down the street and found 2 of them. What a bargain.

Gold Artisans by Theory 11

Lots more photos after the break!

Again with a view of the tuck box.

So, I’ve been watching theory 11 for awhile, i was there when they launched back around 2007 with their first deck, Guardians, with basic black/white/grey ink. Custom decks have come a long way since, and now we have foil printing, sideway tuck boxes, and tens of limited decks every month from multiple printing companies. What a time to be alive.

Black, White and Gold Artisans, side by side

So instead of dropping 150$ online like sheep, we went through a couple forums posts like reddits r/playingcards, and found that some people found these at target as early as mid-november. Then we went to the first target 5 minutes down the street and found nothing. That was last night. Then this morning we drove to the obscure target that only old people in town go to 10 minutes away and behold! the treasure has been found.

Gold Artisan AoS
White Artisans AoS
Black Artisans AoS

Its hard to tell with static photos, but the Ace of Spades and the backs are gold foil like light reflecting. Maybe these photos will demonstrate a little better..

Side by side table spreads. Black Artisans on top, Gold Artisans on bottom

If you like shiny stuff, well, good luck finding these at your local target. Theory11’s twitter said there’s only 1 per, but the current reality is, most won’t have them, some will, and some will even have 2 available like the one I went to.

Faro Table Spread

Resale value…well, at the moment its either target for 10$ or 150$ on theory11’s site. You can find a couple on ebay sitting around 50$ right now if you’re in the middle of nowhere in some target forsaken land. I remember way back when, you could get the white centurions for spending 50$ on theory11’s site and then i sold it for around 100$, and now its like what….OMG they’re selling on ebay between 400 and 600$ really, that’s crazy.

Double Fan on a table

Well, until next time




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