Beauty and Youth United Arrows 2015 USPC

Wow 3 weeks in a row. Another collection of photos. This one is 2015 Beauty and Youth United Arrows, a “contemporary Japanese clothing label”. You can get these for about 10-15$ as of 2019.

Beauty and Youth United Arrows 2015 USPC

We begin with the photos of the deck box as usual:

The deck comes with a black seal, so you know its from Erlanger, KY.

I heard you like borders. Well let me show you what real borders are like.

The back design is the rider back, but its in a navy blue, and its been shrunk like 50%. If you like bordered decks, this is the deck for you.

Table Spread. The aces of spades is also shrunk.

The ace of spades is pretty basic. It says MADE IN U.S.A.

Spades FACES
King of Spades closeup

2 colors of ink, a bold red and blue make up the faces of the cards.

Aside from the colors, and scaling, there isn’t anything else outstanding about this deck.

The deck comes with 2 jokers, and 2 blanks to round out the 56 cards.

See you next time on Kudos 2019 odds and ends.



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