Purple Wizard’s Inn 2009

Purple Wizard’s Inn from Tokyo Japan

Another week, another review. Here we have the Purple Wizard’s Inn deck. Red + Blue = Purple! So I was able to get 5 out of 6 of the Wizard’s Inn decks after 10 long years from Rakuten Japan. In the last 10 years, buying from overseas has become much more manageable, with lots of middlemen and commissioning services. These ending up average around 10$ a deck. More photos after the break!

Here are the tuck case views. Hollywood, CA can be seen on the sides.

The deck is a smooth finish, similar to Aladdin 1001’s if you know that deck. Here are some more photos, to populate the internet search machine engines.

Isometric View Purple Wizard’s Inn
Deck, Ace of Spades, and 2 Jokers
Smooth finish means its not the best for fanning. The age also got to the deck, some minor warping apparent.
Faros ok, if it weren’t for the bending in the cards.
Close up of the back design

Maybe if I’m lucky enough, I’ll be able to find an orange one within the next 10 years.



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