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Purple Wizard’s Inn 2009

Purple Wizard’s Inn from Tokyo Japan

Another week, another review. Here we have the Purple Wizard’s Inn deck. Red + Blue = Purple! So I was able to get 5 out of 6 of the Wizard’s Inn decks after 10 long years from Rakuten Japan. In the last 10 years, buying from overseas has become much more manageable, with lots of middlemen and commissioning services. These ending up average around 10$ a deck. More photos after the break!

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Wizards Inn Playing Cards 2006 Blue Tokyo

Some photos of one of my grail decks, Wizards Inn. I got a couple of these off of ebay in 2018 and am continuing to hunt for the others.

This is the gold standard for deck comparison. Richard Turner Gold Bikes, 52 cards.
The Wizards’ Inn Deck from 2006
Apparently the offices were in Hollywood. I don’t think the website or email address is still active…
Back of the box
Somewhat standard courts, 2 jokers, and the AoS
Standard size, standard thickness
Its got a smooth finish, similar to old style Aladdins. None of that air cushion dimple stuff going on.

Keep hunting for your grails everyone, whatever it may be.