Town Club Playing Cards ft. Montammy Golf Club

Alright, another day another set of photos from the collection. This time its a bunch of Ebay treasure hunting. New York Town Club and Montammy Golf Club. Apparently the back design spans a number of brands. The red one seems to be Paulson, the gray one came with Aristocrat jokers, and the green and brown golf clubs were the International Playing Card Company from Canada. Check some more photos after the break >>>

The gang’s all here. New York Town Club and Montammy Golf Club Playing Cards.

Red New York Town Club. I like that its a clean border, although it is a one way design.
Blue New York Town Club. These decks I’ve seen in Red, Blue, Grey, and Green. I had a green once, but then I sold it. RIP.
Gray Town Club. This one came with aristocrat jokers, but the Ace of Spades is the same town club ace.
A seller on ebay had a number of these listed in the last week so I grabbed a pair. I’ve never seen these before, but the back design is clearly the same, but mirrored, with a different logo.
The Montammy Golf Club is in New Jersey. Looks like its still open today.
Town Club Ace of Spaces with Different Year Designators. Maybe i’ll look into what year they’re from later.
International Playing Card Company, in Ontario, Canada. Its like the internation ‘bicycle’ brand.

So, these decks are more of a smooth finish, none of that air cushion dimples going on, so handling isn’t all too good. But white bordered vintage decks to me are a rare find, so these are staying in the collection. Stay tuned from more odds and ends from the Kudos collection!



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