Gilded Plum Pi by Kings Wild Project

Man I wish I had more time to blog. Another mail day, so lets get back on track with a photoshoot of Kings Wild Plum Pi – Gilded edition. Click through the break for more photos!

Plum Pi Gilded by Kings Wild Project October 2019 Release

This deck is 1 of 300, and comes with a sticker. Retail was….30$ I think. Not bad seeing as how the Kings Wild Short subscriptions go for 30, and Gilded decks are a bit more limited than that. The unlimited plum pi went for 15 I think and is a run of 2000.

Look at that shiny purple sheen. Its so purply you have no idea what you’re missing out on.

Here are the side views of the deck, a nice orange tuck, with purple foil printing.

52 + 4, you get 2 jokers in orange and plum, a blank, and a double backer.
I got a sticker and a sticker page, and some additional Kings Wild stickers with this order.

Well that’s about it for this post. Even if I can get one of these photo reviews up a week, that’ll be much better than the past few years of just instagram posts.



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