Kickstarter: HellsGate Playing Cards

HellsGate Playing Cards
HellsGate Playing Cards

HellsGate Playing Cards by

Kickstarter Open: April 11th, 2015

Reached 100%: April 12th, 2015 (19hrs)

Kickstarter Ends: May 11th, 2015


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Alright. Another Wednesday another Kickstarter blog post. This week, its HellsGate playing cards, which has already reached funding, so if you want them, now might be the time to get them. Or wait on Ebay afterwards. There’s always a chance you can get a lower price because people end up dropping slightly damaged decks.

Thoughts: If you had to name one set of playing cards whose motif is skeletons and death, it would have to be the Karnival series, of which I own none of because skeletons. 2spooky4me. The aces are pretty neat. Those I like. The royals…if I were to change one thing, it would be to remove those larger suit pips next to the faces since it feels redundant next to the index pips. Limited deck definitely beats out the normal edition cause black. Like, the white deck should’ve been limited and the black deck would be mainstream use.

What kind of kickstarter doesn't have alternate editions available? Not HellsGate obvi.
What kind of kickstarter doesn’t have alternate editions available? Not HellsGate obvi.

Oh wow, that was one image. I would’ve broken that down into multiple images. Okay whatever. Not sure why yellow was used, but I guess it feels better than making it all black, red, and white.

Will I Pick These Up?: Probably not. Skeletons don’t really do it for me.  BUT Kudos, your favorite colors are red, black, and white! Well, then, I say the yellow is a real turn off. For those that are interested, there are also uncut sheets, brick boxes, and collector boxes available. Sishou’s Four Beasts on the other hand, I might have to look into those. Those are higher up on the list for me than these.



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