Hello from 2018!

Okay, its been awhile. Time really does fly. Since 2015, I’ve gotten promoted to an Engineer II at my old job, then I switched companies to a new job, and its been pretty busy. But I’ve been doing some housekeeping on Ebay this year, and buying a couple decks I’ve been hunting for a long time. And having a stable paycheck means I can buy all the stuff I’ve had my eyes on over the last decade. Someone bought my White Golden Nuggets too for 900$ so that was cool. I’ll probably do a post later to show what some of my stuff ended up going for on ebay… Anyways, I’ll probably be back posting some cool stuff I’ve picked up this year over the holidays once I grab a new cell phone. I’ll also be rambling on about about some other topics from time to time.

2018-06-09 15.53.41
A rare find!

Anyways, if you drop by, I randomly post on Instagram from time to time:


You can also check out some of my old stuff I have up for sale here:

My Stuff on Ebay

See you again soon!



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