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Time Flies

imagesIts really been 5 years since I left this blog in 2010. I’ve since finished my B.S. in Engineering, as well as an M.S. in Control Systems, and am gainfully employed in Southern California. That means I have a paycheck now, and can actually afford hobbies and pasttimes. I won’t starve again!

I used to collect, buy, and sell playing cards on Ebay. You might not know, but I was the sole seller of those Friar’s Club decks on Ebay, for a while, I still have a few bricks…so maybe that’ll be my first review to start.

I came back and looked at the stats. 10k views in 2010, 11.7k in 2011, 12k in 2012, and then it tapers off. 6k in 2013, 4.8k in 2014. Looks like its still a good resource for visitors out there.

I’ve noticed a good number of decks that have came out over the years, mostly through Kickstarter. There are quite a few outstanding ones I’d like to pick up, so I’ll have to get on that. Ellusionist, DnD, T11, and Blue¬†Crown are still around, but I’ve noticed a couple newcomers as well.

I’ve got a business trip coming up, and most of my collection is back home, so expect this blog to be revived starting mid-April 2015. This blog will be undergoing some cosmetic changes in the meantime.

Stay tuned for the next mild installment of Ramblerkudos!