Fundex Monte Carlo

1.10.2010 – Fundex Monte Carlo Playing Cards

So. I’ve decided to post another deck overview. But. Things have to change. I don’t think I’m going to go indepth with ratings/rankings for this season. Don’t have the time. Already waiting for all the picture images to load is time consuming enough. We’ll see how everything goes. In other news, I’ve added a search barĀ  andĀ  a Clustrmap to the right side. And also changed the layout of the blog for the season. Fun.

Monte Carlo : Ace of Spades

And this time around, we have the Monte Carlo deck from Fundex Games. Unfortunately discontinued in 2008? Out of the box, the cards fan magically and all that. Linen finish, but not as good as Tally linen finish. But its still a paper based card which makes for a good playing card. Right? Maybe? Picked off of ebay for 3$ a pack. You can find a few there that I’ve neglected to buy. Why// Well… I’

Monte Carlo : Macro Back

Cards themselves have the dimples. Check. Cards can faro….not too well. Uncheck.

Monte Carlo : Faro

After two weeks of use, its safe to say that these cards clump way faster than Wynns. Which makes them kind useless at the moment. Thinking about powdering them up sometime this next week to see how that goes.

Monte Carlo : 2 Week Spread
Monte Carlo : +2 Jokers

That’s all for now? BBL



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