‘Smooth’ Tally Ho Fan Back

2.21.2010-‘Smooth’ Tally Ho

Smooth Tally: Overhead
Smooth Tally: Overhead

About time I hit another one of these posts. Just a quick update on a small order I put in a few days back.

Smooth Tally: Super Macro

***edit*** oh right, the smooth is the one on the right on the AoS. the five of hearts is from a good normal Tally Ho deck.****

So yea. Pokerstud52 on Ebay had sets of two decks up for auction so I decided..impulse bid and win. Comes with no cellophane. I can say that these are probably from before 1989 due to the advertising cards with offers in them that expire in 1989. No doubt on that one I guess.

Are they any good? Compared to tallys from this era, which are either soft and similar to bicycles, or the good kind which are much more noticeably stiff and snappy, these tend to be on the soft side. I’ve been using it for less than a day, and though they lie flat on a drop test, some of them seemed warped when held. Soft. Waxy. Like the finish on older bee cards, , , but on a Tally Ho card. Though you can describe them as smooth, they’re not exactly Alladin type smooth. But its not exactly air cushion either. Would be nice to have this finish on cards of this era.

Smooth Tally: Just a change of pace.

There’s not much that makes it stand out exactly. Good for the collection I guess.

Still waiting for all those newly colored decks of bicycles to arrive from penguinmagic. and those aristocrats i picked off of ebay. and some other things…also I want wynns.



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