Maeda Tally Ho


Pale Blue Mr. Maeda Tally Ho

Maeda : Pale Blue Gold Frame Circle Back
Maeda : Pale Blue Gold Frame Circle Back

I’m back. At college. In a different setting with much better furniture than my home setting. Neat. Just got an order in for a bunch of Tally Ho decks. Picked up one of these while I was at it. Quality overall is great.

Maeda : Tally Ho Ace of Spades

Story…? Apparently Maeda had this magic casio watch that did number tricks, and one of these decks came with each watch. You can get these separately on ebay for a price. Not much to say aside from that.

Maeda : Circle Back Variation

Circle Backs. They now exist in red, blue, pale blue, red/blue with gold frame, red/blue with gold frame and maeda tallys, green, and black. Those last two are on my ‘to eventually get’ list.

Maeda : Faro

Maeda : Faro Spread

They’re quite clean. Though other people don’t really care.

Maeda : Back Spread
Maeda : Back Spread

Maeda : Tally Ho !

I like them because I can’t really stand the usual darker blue. Haha. I’ve noticed this post is sloppy.  I should be writing a paper at the moment. But this is my distraction for now. The deck comes with two normal tally style jokers ( that’s one more than usual tally ho decks) , one joker with mr. maeda on it or some form of him, and a blank that wouldve been used for an ad.



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