Encarded Playing Cards

Encarded Playing Cards
Encarded Playing Cards

Encarded Playing Cards(2015)

We made it to the weekend again! Time for a more detailed review than I’m typically used to.


Production: Limited of 2500, 1st Edition, (c) 2014

Available at: encarded.com

Original Price: 8$

Color Scheme: Blue/White

Stock/Company: Expert Playing Card Company, NY (EPCC)

Finish: Master Finish, Printed in Taiwan

Encarded playing cards has a first reveal of the box August of 2014, and comes from our friend Paul Carpenter of Tendril, Aurum, and Zenith decks, all of high popularity and demand. and the Deco decks. Encarded stands out though with its 8$ entry price. You could pre-order these Jan.2015 and as of April 2015, they haven’t sold out yet. Most likely, the two new Tendril decks are stealing the show. 8$ for a deck of cards? Well, when I left for hiatus years ago, 5-6$ was the typical asking price for a limited custom deck, but then again, all we had was USPC. Now there’s EPCC, Legends, MPC, and who knows what else is out there.

Aces. Simple. Standard
Aces. Simple. Standard

The aces are nice and simple. Pretty good for camera work.

Faros: are easier Face Up than face down. In the hand Faros work fine. Face down table faros take a small amount of effort and edge gliding to pull off. Time to start inserting short clips inside these blog posts. Its all part of the master plan.

Royals and Joker
Royals and Joker

Court cards are a nice change of pace. I don’t really care too much for the joker.

From playing with a bunch of decks I’ve acquired throughout a few weeks, the cards hold together similar to the heavier bee stock, like the Fat Boy V3 deck(blog post pending). Deck flips are easier when cards don’t go flying around.

Border comparison with standard bicycle edges.
Border comparison with standard bicycle edges.

Back Design: The edge borders for the backs are a little strange to get used to. I wouldn’t be using these for card tricks for this reason. Spreads are inconsistent with the edge border gradient and the circles along the long edges. I would remove the circles on the edges, they’re distracting. But the bulk of the back design is in that circle flower logo thing. Makes for nice Pirouettes and deck spins.

Table Spread: visually inconsistent.
Table Spread: visually inconsistent.

Hey guys check out this program I threw together on an Arduino board to run a tiny motor I had leftover from my engineering classes of yesteryears! Have you ever wondered what a card back would look like if you could pirouette it indefinitely at speeds not possible by a human? Well, have I got the answer for you.

There are 2500 of these things. And I have 3 of them?
There are 2500 of these things. And I have 3 of them?

Its a solid deck of cards. The cards are stiff and hold their snap. I would say fanning and table spreads are not its strong points, but it holds well for packet flipping and multi packet cuts if you’re into that. In summary, I would pick up one deck for the collection and try it out. For everyday use, I would pass on this deck.



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