Stash: Harold’s Club

Harold's Club: Reno, Nevada
Harold’s Club: Reno, Nevada

Harold’s Club Double Deck set – Reno, Nevada

Welcome to another mild installment of Kudos’ Stash Sundays. This week its a double deck set I picked off of Ebay years ago. Its one of those white bordered casino decks every loves, kinda similar to those blue/green silver slipper sets I haven’t been able to get one of yet. :/ Anyways, the rarity of this thing is off the charts. If you have one of these, I’d like to know when/where you got yours from.

So when I got this, both decks were still sealed, and being the person I am, I opened the red one. Well, first stop, ace of spades. Its one of those Litho Aces, with no serial number. Well thats not too helpful is it. I wish casinos today made deck sets like this.

Standard USPC aces and royals
Standard USPC aces and royals

You’ve got the classic Harold’s Club bandwagon design, and a giant H that makes up the back. That H though, imagine if that was the entire back. So meta.


You get 2 jokers with each deck. Probably the most different in that JOKER is spelled vertically down the side.

Harold's: Table Spread
Harold’s: Table Spread

I probably won’t be opening the blue one anytime soon, but the shades of blue used are pretty cool I guess.

Harold's: Sealed Blue Deck
Harold’s: Sealed Blue Deck
Bordered Edges Comparison
Bordered Edges Comparison

Is this deck even in the playing card database? ¬†Shrugs, maybe I should add it if it isn’t. I should make an account there. Its pretty good stuff for those who haven’t seen it. I’ll add a link on the sidebar…

Box Logo
Box Logo

Until next time!





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