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Stash: Harold’s Club

Harold's Club: Reno, Nevada
Harold’s Club: Reno, Nevada

Harold’s Club Double Deck set – Reno, Nevada

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Golden Nugget. Again.

Lazy summer is eating away at lazy me. So yea. What is this blog good for now? I’m quite done with my stash. Good run for the summer. I’m pretty sure this blog will stay playing card related in some sense, but probably with an attribute to card magic, and possibly other magic. Well, the playing cards archive will get randomly updated every now and then.  Whatever. Haha.

The Stash : Reorganization work of a summer.
The Stash : Reorganization work of a summer.

Was sitting around thinking what to possibly go over today. ohyea, that silly brown Golden Nugget deck I picked up.

Golden Nugget (brown)
Golden Nugget (brown)

The year seems to be either 1972 or 1992. I’d guess 1972.

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