Kickstarter: Black Market Playing Cards

Black Market Trio
Black Market Trio

Black Market Playing Cards by Misery Dev. Ltd.

Kickstarter Launch: April 21, 2015

Funding Goal: $10,628

Kickstarter End: May 20, 2015

This is the second Kickstarter project by Misery Dev. Ltd. following the successful Decks of the Aftermath funded October 2014 and shipped out December 2014. That’s a pretty fast turnaround time.

From the Kickstarter:

► 3 unique decks in one project
► Printed by the Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC)
► Emerald Finish stock for great handling
► (63mm x 88mm, 2,5″ x 3,5″) poker size playing cards
► Kickstarter exclusive decks

Red Bar
Red Bar
Red Bar Faces and Back
Red Bar Faces and Back

The faces and color schemes makes this deck. Aces of spades is vintage looking and simple. The king of spades is pretty rad.


Tzarouka has a black/gold color scheme and the royals have a crown/sphere motif rather than standard courts.


Veteran has a black/red color scheme and depicts wartime soldier “legends” for its court cards. Has a dystopian feel if anything. The Star on the back reminds you of the classic marlboro decks, but I feel like its an extension of a few of the decks from their previous Decks of the Aftermath which featured five pointed stars on a number of their backs. This deck feels like it belonged in that set probably.

3 in 1 Black Market Kickstarter
3 in 1 Black Market Kickstarter

Thoughts: As a set, I’m not exactly sure where the theme of Black Market comes in? I can’t say the three decks do well themed together, but each one is pretty decent standalone.

Will I pick these up?: Out of the three, Red Bar is my clear favorite. If I wanted to grab these on ebay after, might be difficult as projects like these tend to go for the deck set. I’ll have to wait until closer to project end to see if any addons happen, or what the brick boxes look like.

Click here to go to the Kickstarter!



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