NYC: Playing Cards

NYC Kickstarter
NYC Kickstarter

NYC: Playing Cards by Undefined Knowledge

Kickstarter Launch: April 28th

Kickstarter End: Wed. May 6th

Kickstarter Goal: 1500$

Alright, so this deck is a relaunch, and its currently being done by MPC Make Playing Cards. I’m not sure what the Kickstarter had in mind, but this seems more like an art deck than an actual cardistry/magic use deck. There are plans to perhaps produce this through EPCC, but I don’t think the time frame of 1 week on Kickstarter will allow for that goal to be reached. Aren’t kickstarters usually one month? How’d this get only one week?

Back Design
Back Design

The back design seems to be famous structures all collaged into an outward spiral. Its quite a bit of colors and a little bit involved. Its hard to make out some of the buildings in the back.

Custom Pips
Custom Pips

The pips on the spot cards are the best part probably about this deck. You’ve got silhouettes¬†of some structures of which i recognize none because I’m uncultured swine. Yea.

Will I pick these up?: I might get them on Ebay afterwards. There’s nothing in the pledge levels that’s enticing enough to pledge beforehand. If it was guaranteed through not MPC, that might have also been a plus for pledging.

Well. there’s 6 days left if you would like to pledge in. Its already funded so if you want first dibs on production decks, check it out at this link here!



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