Stash: HP Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard Playing Cards (~1970s)

Another sunday! This is a recent add to my collection from the end of March. There were 6 listed for BIN on ebay, so i grabbed one. The listing says 1970s. I’ll believe it. Hewlett Packard’s Neely Sales Division was founded in 1962 it seems.

HP: Aces
HP: Aces

Look. The AoS even says Neely Sales Division. If this doesn’t scream advertisement deck, I don’t know what does. The deck isn’t standard USPC by any means. The cards are stiff, but not like cheap cardboard. There aren’t any air-cushion holes though.

Redislip Branded Joker
Redislip Branded Joker

You get 2 jokers with the deck, the Redislip kind.

HP Playing Cards
HP Playing Cards

I think what caught my eye is the simpleness of it. The blue and black log and blue edged borders. Lots of decks today are going the simple route. and calling it a design. But that’s none of my business.



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