Orange Gemini Casino

Hey playing card enthusiasts,

Its been awhile since I’ve done these deck reviews. Lets get back to that. Gemini Decks is back at it with their fifth iteration of the imaginary Gemini Casino deck following (red, royal blue, vegas blue, black).

Thin borders!
Table Spread: The center of the sides have been detailed for effect.

I will start adding various info to the site page links as I review decks.



So these were about 12$ on the site, with a 35$ free shipping promo,  I went ahead and grabbed this along with a Malibu v2, to be reviewed later I guess. This orange edition was a limited run of 2500 going on sale Oct. 29th. It is now currently sold out within 2 weeks. The box is about the same as their previous iterations, you get a custom orange seal this time around.

The deck is descrbied as ‘Bee Crushed Stock’. I haven’t been able to review cards for a while so I don’t have too many decks to benchmark against, but the deck is fairly soft and flexible. Actually , single cards feel thin, but the deck holds up pretty well.

Gemini Ace of Spades. Fairly standard.

What did stand out right away was the thinner border compared to a deck of bicycles. Here’s a comparison photo.

Thin borders, but not the thinnest.

Just barely a bit more border space than the SS15 Virtuoso Deck…

The four extra cards: GEMINI CASINO, Jokers x2, and a spare KoD

For a run of 2500 decks, 12$ is a pretty fair price. Compare to 20$ for the Guess Fontaines for example, also a run of 2500.

Would I buy more of these, probably not. Will the deck keep its value? Probably, I tend to open my decks for review, so there’s at least one that’s no longer brand new.

Well thats all for now. Stay tuned for more reviews. Thanks for dropping by!

–Kudos ♪♫


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