Good Morning? Bienvenidos? Hajimemashite?

So, its that time of year again. Freshmen year of college at the HMC is over, and summer is ahead. Which means…summer projects time!!! I spent part of my second semester playing on ebay, which means I was able to net myself a bunch of decks for overall cost of little. Buying and selling. Buy decks cheap, sell them back for more. What does that mean then? I need somewhere to archive some information. Looks like I ended up on due to a friend’s recommendation.

So, please meet Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin. They’re Vocaloids, little characters with synthetic voices developed by Yamaha and Crypton. They’re in nendoroid form, so, about the size of a playing card. Funsize. They’re going to be working with me. Heh.

This is case #1. We’ll get to the others later.

.Summer Shadows are up ahead.


Chapter 5: Card Connections