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S/S 2015 Virtuoso Playing Cards

SS2015 Virtuoso Deck
SS2015 Virtuoso Deck

2015 Spring/Summer Virtuoso Playing Cards Continue reading S/S 2015 Virtuoso Playing Cards



Good Morning? Bienvenidos? Hajimemashite?

So, its that time of year again. Freshmen year of college at the HMC is over, and summer is ahead. Which means…summer projects time!!! I spent part of my second semester playing on ebay, which means I was able to net myself a bunch of decks for overall cost of little. Buying and selling. Buy decks cheap, sell them back for more. What does that mean then? I need somewhere to archive some information. Looks like I ended up on wordpress.com due to a friend’s recommendation.

So, please meet Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin. They’re Vocaloids, little characters with synthetic voices developed by Yamaha and Crypton. They’re in nendoroid form, so, about the size of a playing card. Funsize. They’re going to be working with me. Heh.

This is case #1. We’ll get to the others later.

.Summer Shadows are up ahead.