Well. Update? Cleaning out my room back home is a pain. Anyways, this summer, I’m thinking about actually getting Juan Tamariz’s Mnemonica down cold, and then applying that to Any Card at Any Number. The amazing part…it actually works. Even twice in a row on my dad, who’s always difficult. Thanks 221erdnase from ebay and genii marketplace!

Any Card by Alain Nu

Yea. Its a fun read in any case. I like the bluff bridge idea, though I haven’t actually applied that anywhere. Must…perfect…mnemonica….

Also. That’s one of those Crusader branded golden nugget. It has the white border bee design that comes in green/gold and red/gold,  which are usually difficult to find unclipped or drilled. Except this one is in white/green/gold.  I got this one off of ebay for around 7$. Saw another go on ebay for around 30something. Haven’t seen any others. They were apparently sold as a gift shop item with a calendar card dating back to …uhhh… 1977. That’s pretty old. Card quality…is a mix between good bicycle style stock and Old Las Vegas Club, the kind that feels like pasteboard. Fanning powder made it a little better, if it weren’t for the fact it has a click bend from age.

Uploading pictures is going to be a pain. Since I replaced my broken Casio a few months back with the latest Sony TX7. Awesomeness.

College has reduced my organization habits to cardboard boxes. Available in high amounts due to the craploads of stuff I order off of ebay, as well as the infinite amount of drinks sold by my college’s underground late night cafe.

Be back later?

–Kudos ♪♫


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