Arts and Crafts

My summertime has now been reduced to weekday nights and weekends. Awesome. Digging through my stash at home, I found that stash of random casino backs I got off of ebay from about 15$ or something. I already turned a set of them into a Kaliedoscope deck ala Daryl or ‘Stolen Cards’ by Lennart Green. That one thing that uses the Gemini principle to match the backs of two cards in a deck of randomness.

But what to do with the rest of them…

Poster making time?So.

I would have made more at the time, but I ran out of the poster paper stuff I was double stick taping it too. Sadness.

And I still have lots left. I could make a rainbow one or something.

Update: I got more poster paper. Awesome. Updates on progress sometime later or something. At least tomorrow is Memorial Day. Cool 3 Day weekend fun.

If anyone actually reads this, does anyone have any methods for opening and resealing a deck using the original wrapper. Much appreciated.

–Kudos ♪♫


One thought on “Arts and Crafts”

  1. two weeks late

    but that is the most adorable deck of playing cards ever

    also I have no idea

    (i am helpful

    and who took all my caps)

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