Ten Thousand.

ooohh. really? 10000 hits. Special. Makes me feel like I should be updating this thing more or something.

Well. I got this order in from cardconjurer off of UC/ebay a few weeks back. A couple of panguingue sets. I like pan sets, even though they’re not full decks, its still a stack of 300+ which I can always use later if I need to refill. Or arts and crafts.

Pan Set Bicycle


Turns out I’m also a sucker for good packaging. Packaging should be an artform or something…

Bicycle Pan Set : This one seems to be for Pass Club...whatever that is.

Pass Club. I don’t know if that was a casino or not. Google doesn’t seem to think so. Must have been the logo or something. This one came in blue backs. I know that theres a red back set somewhere out there. I’ve seen them on eBay before. ;-;

Bicycle Quality. I wish we had that today. Good stuff. Sort off. I can’t exactly use this stock for anything sleighty though.  Card aging does that.

Bicycle Pan Set: Delicious Box Art .-.

The box art makes it look like an antique. I like that kind of feel. Reminds me of that one time I actually wanted to be archeologist when I grow up. Except now, when I grow up, I want to be a giant robot.

Another pan set that came with the order. I had two other boxes, b-but, i forget where i put them. (read: too lazy to look(read: too lazy to reach over and take pictures of them)).

Well. Until next time, I need to actually think how many/which decks havent I touched yet. I’m sure I have a whole bunch I haven’t sorted through…

–Kudos ♪♫


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