Big Bicycle

Big Bicycle

Oh. That’s right. Its a regular post. I think I picked this one up back during the fall semester. Most of the time it just stays in my backpack until someone askes me to do a card trick or something. And then I pull this one out. And then I can’t do anything with it. I have trouble just shuffling it.

Big Bicycle: Its pretty big.

Yup. Thats a regular sized green bike besides it. I don’t think anyone will be one hand shuffling this thing anytime soon. Though I can carnahan and giant fan it normally.

Big Bicycle: Ace and Joker(2 included!)

Its a normal pack of cards with increased size and visibility. Good for card counting math based card tricks. Not so much for card flourishing.

Big Bicycle: Macro

Close up, there’s not much of a finish. Its that pasteboard type stuff, kinda like alladins, but its made in china, so its kinda of the closest you can get to cardboard cards but that doesn’t actually kill anything. You can still faro. But it won’t be worth it.

Big Bicycle : Made In China

Made in China. But then again, so are the mini bicycle cards. Hm. I wonder what the next post is going to be?

Paul Gordon : He's a good guy.

BTW. Paul Gordon’s promotion where you pay him shipping to send you his ‘Professional Card Magic Miracles’, a 40+ $ value, but for free, was an excellent deal. Thank you Mr. Paul Gordon. I’ve only gone through a few of the tricks in this book. But I’ll say they’re top notch stuff. I’m currently working on a video of one of the effects. Perhaps it’ll show up by the end of summer if I’m not lazy. Haha I have all the editing software and camera. But the only thing I’m missing is a mini tripod stand. Haha, oh well. Until next time or something.

–Kudos ♪♫


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