Buskers Playing Cards


Buskers Playing Cards by Mana Playing Cards


by Erik Mana & Alvin Campana

Kickstarter opened on : March 25, 2015

100% Funded on : March 26, 2015

Estimated Ship:  September 2015


Borderless back design in  Vintage(brown) and Exclusive(black)
Borderless back design in Vintage(brown) and Exclusive(black)
Buskers faces
Buskers faces
noun busk·er \ˈbəs-kər\
chiefly British

:  a person who entertains in a public place for donations
This is the fourth deck from Mana Playing Cards following the Mana trilogy of Oracle, Indigo/Zinfandel, and Sybil.

Thoughts: I like the guitar drum kit guy. What stands out here is the borderless back design. Hopefully the shade of the faces of the vintage deck matches the brown shade of the back. Its not apparent to me whether the face of the exclusive deck will have the same shade of grey/black as the back, but it doesn’t seem like it. Looks like the exclusive deck will have silver ink on its faces. Or at least on the Ace of Spades. Fancy. I usually try to have cards that have some utility in card sleights, so second deals and the like are definitely easier with a borderless back.

Will I pick these up?: Maybe on eBay after they’re released.  There’s always a chance that you can get a better deal on eBay. I don’t find myself backing kickstarter projects unless there’s something outstanding in the backer options. The early bird specials were good here, and it seems like free shipping is being offered to US even though the project is based in Canada.



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