Regal Playing Cards

3cc868221da6155325d8886d44e8b66c_originalREGAL Playing Cards by Playing Cards Dot Net

Kickstarter opened on : March 10, 2015

100% Funded on : March 8, 2015

Estimated Ship:  August 2015

Backs and Royals
Backs and Royals


Regal Aces
Regal Aces

Thoughts: This is the fourth deck from Playing Cards dot net on Kickstarter, following Spirit, Guild Poker, and Leaf Back. Its being produced through USPC so you’ll get that quality, if thats what you’re looking for. Out of the four, this one definitely takes the cake. This deck is quite the art piece. Releasing it in four colors is okay, but I’m not likely to shell out for a full set, just for a color change. But its still a good step away from the black/white decks out there. I like the white space on the court cards. And the Aces are quite fancy.

Will I pick these up?: For me, not through this kickstarter. 13$ per deck is quite on the high end. And its a non-bordered deck. I like card sleights, so I’m less likely to get non-bordered decks. There’s a bunch of other marketing items you can add to your kickstarter pledge if that’s what you’re into. T-shirts? Poker Chips? Mini Decks? Box sets? They’ve got you covered.

Funding ends tomorrow, so this is more just a Funded Kickstarter announcement.



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